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  • Latest - Creatures of Decoupage
    Dorothy Ulmer is expecting a delivery. But what she finds at her front door is not what she had ordered. Better send for an ambulance.
  • One Proud Mourning
    Kansas, 1867 - A deaf and blind dog is barking. What danger might she be sensing? Is it the feet of men - or the hand of God?
  • Out of Control
    Check out Charlie Shaw's first game of tee-ball. Just don't forget to bring your facemask. Play ball!
  • Upon Impact
    Join the Fletchers on their turbulent flight home after vacationing in Palm Beach. Beware: the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign.
  • Mosquito Drill - (excerpt)
    Once the softball game got underway, business slowed and the night was quiet except for a spider that Victor, one of the produce...
  • Where Dogs Run - Chapter 4
    The outer room of the principal’s office houses Mr. Livingston’s secretary as well as his love for bowling...